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bionomics n : the branch of biology concerned with the relations between organisms and their environment [syn: ecology, environmental science]

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In ecology, bionomics (Greek: bio = life; nomos = law) is the comprehensive study of an organism and its relation to its environment - Translated from the French word Bionomie - first use in English in 1885-1890. Today we call it, "ecology".
  1. Sometimes used as a subdiscipline of Ecological Economics. An example of studies of this type is Richard B. Selander's Bionomics, Systematics and Phylogeny of Lytta, a Genus of Blister Beetles (Coleoptera, Meloidae), Illinois Biological Monographs: number 28, 1960. Michael Rothschild used the term in his book, but does not make reference to prior uses.
A term sometimes considered as derived from biology and economics - an economic theory describing economy using the principles of biology (economy as a self-organizing ecosystem). See Michael Rothschild: "Bionomics: Economy As Ecosystem" (ISBN 0-8050-1979-0). Bionomics: Michael Rothschild
Bionomics Limited: an Australian biotech company.
  1. The branch of biology concerned with the relations between organisms and their environment.


On Mediterranean benthic bionomics

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